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One year certificated course in ROYAL SCHOOL OF NEEDLEWORK ( UK ) 

2015   ART STREAM 2015 (Osaka JAPAN)
          SICF16 (Tokyo JAPAN)
          Contemporary Embroidery Exhibition(Osaka JAPAN)
2014   ART STREAM 2014 (Osaka JAPAN)         
          “Mebuki” Live Embroidery Performance (Osaka JAPAN)
      “Minori” Live Embroidery Performance (Osaka JAPAN)
          Contemporary Embroidery Exhibition(Osaka JAPAN)
2013 ART STREAM 2013 (Osaka JAPAN)
          267 years history Exhibition of DMC ~World of brilliant needleart~ (Osaka JAPAN)
2012   ART STREAM 2012 (Osaka JAPAN)
          4th 100 ARTIST EXHIBITION (New York USA) 
2011   Hankyu+Artist ART DONATION vol.2(Osaka JAPAN)
    ART STREAM 2011 (Osaka JAPAN)
      Collaboration with Japanese Painting (Osaka JAPAN)

2015  ART STREAM 2015  Audience Award
2014  ART STREAM 2014  Jury Prize
(Mr. Yutaka Mino /Director of Hyogo prefectural museum of art)

Chiho Ikeda is an embroidery artist from Osaka, Japan. As she learned traditional British stitching techniques at Royal School of Needlework in the United Kingdom, she encountered this unique form called Blackwork Embroidery, which creates geometric patterns by using only black thread.
Although Chiho mastered all the skills overseas, her heart was connected to her homeland so deeply that she unconsciously added authentic essence of  Japan to her style. She discovered that the endless stitch work with a needle and thread would lead to Zen mindfulness, and monochromatic expression with black color was similar to Japanese calligraphy.
The more Chiho created, the more she became fascinated with the beauty of stitch itself; this made her transit from a traditional figurative artist to an abstract modern artist.
The repetitive manual labor of stitching puts her in a meditative state. She starts communicating with ancestors in her own spiritual world, where she can get rid of all the moving thoughts and emotions in order to stabilize her mind. This process is very important to her, because then she can pour pure energy and beauty into her artwork.
Chiho chooses installation as a form of art, as she believes that her work starts evolving when combined with the energy of viewers in the tranquil exhibit space. If they feel empowered, her mission is accomplished.

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